A lifetime of pinky promises…well, at least 20 years worth!


The good old Pinky Promise which can be defined as, “the entwining of the little fingers (“pinkies”) of two people to signify that a promise has been made.” A treaty of trust.  A sometimes “lifechanging” decision, well at least in the eyes of an early adolescent. It has stood the test of time through generations and remains one of the most delicate and innocent ways to put your trust in another soul.

A pinky promise can also define who is and isn’t your friend at a young age.  You pick a person with whom you can trust your deepest darkest secrets with, grab them by the pinky and make a promise.  They promise to never tell anyone what you said, however, in most cases they usually end up letting the cat out of the bag. (8 year olds, ya know?) Being that when we were younger our pinky promises dealt with crushes and doing something you weren’t supposed to at recess, the spilling of beans was no catastrophe, just a minor bump.

As you get older, your pinky promises become more than just linking your little fingers and promising not to say anything.  They become of way of finding your best friends.  Who is the person you can tell anything to knowing they won’t judge you, tell anyone, and make you feel bad about what you said.  These promises also steer away from secrets and towards something deeper; the promise to be a good friend.  To be a friend who is there no matter which road life leads each of you down, no matter how many things change, including adding thousands of miles between you geographically, and no matter how hard it is. And trust us, it gets hard.  

We, Ricci and Katie, became friends in the 3rd grade and as time passed, we change our label in order to add the word “Best” in the front of it.  Our friendship is close to 20 years in length and is full of every possible pinky promise.  In 3rd grade it was I, Ricci, pinky promising Katie that it was a great idea for her to play basketball at the towering height of 4’5 (measuring from the bangs to the toes).  It was me, Katie, promising Ricci that we were still going to be friends even through her South Pole fashion phase. We promised that boys would never get the best of us or our friendship, which they always did.  We promised that we would never fight, which we did.  And most recently (college and beyond), it was both of us promising that no matter what we were going to remain best friends and take an active part and each other’s lives.  Behind every made, kept, and broken promise, the underlying one was that nothing would ever stop us from being friends.  Nothing would, nor could take that away from us.  This promise is the hardest yet most sacred one of them all.  

Welcome to Pinky Promise, where we will be sharing our blogs about life, promises, and the how-to’s of a life-long friendship.  We for example,  lead two completely opposite lifestyles.  I, Ricci, living near Eagle River, Alaska, am a modern day mom with a solid career, earning countless degrees, and still finding time to do everything possible for my  husband and children.  

Ricci Blog

And I, Katie, living in Eagle River, Wisconsin, am not married, nor do I have children of my own.  Being extremely independent, I work hard as a middle school teacher every day, share a home with two men (just roommates), and I am able to do what I want, when I want.  Though we don’t say it out loud, we sometimes envy the parts in each other’s lives that are not in our own.  However, we would ask you not to tell anyone that…pinky promise?